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Bookkeeping services offered
« on: January 05, 2019, 11:07:14 AM »
I am an accountant doing bookkeeping for my small firm's corporate clients within a niche industry.  I am interested in offering bookkeeping services as a side gig to a couple of individuals or small companies.  To avoid conflicts with my regular employer, I will not take outside clients involving automotive dealerships.

I have 8 years experience with QuickBooks, but I'm very tech-savvy and would be open to using other bookkeeping software, on my system or logging in remotely.  I have prepared personal and corporate taxes in the past, but prefer to do bookkeeping exclusively because A) there are a lot of tax changes year-to-year and I feel clients are best served at tax-time by someone more focused on tax and B) I'd prefer work that's more year round instead of going nuts for a couple months out of the year.  I have experience as a landlord, and have done bookkeeping through employers for clients in for-profit education, HVAC service, investment services, and reinsurance industries and a non-profit.  I'm currently the treasurer for the Fort Worth chapter of Mensa. 

My bachelors degree was in Computer Science, but I subsequently returned to school and took a greater number of Accounting credits than I originally had in Computer Science, so I figure my educational background would compare to someone with an Accounting bachelors.  I've taken all the courses my state requires to sit for the CPA exam, but have opted not to sit for the exam because I don't work directly under a CPA to obtain the required hours of CPA supervision that I would need for that credential.

I am also available for consulting work involving Excel macro programming or small automation projects.

I look forward to discussing how I can assist you with your bookkeeping needs.

-Kit R