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Next set of Tools!


If you're using Wordpress, there are 2 backup plugins I'd recommend, both of which you can grab in the Wordpress Plugin Repository:

  • Updraft Plus - Super powerful backup plugin that zips up your website and database, lets you automatically have the copy on Dropbox and other services.  Free version has the capacities most people would need.  If you do want to pay, you get to pick more than one cloud backup service, set the exact time of backups and a few more power user options
  • WP Time Capsule - this plugin takes incremental backups and backs up to S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox.  Incremential can be useful, as it consumes much less resources backing up only what changed.  If you're using shared hosting in particular, this may work better as you use a lot less resources this way.  Free version takes daily backups and lets you revert to the last 15 days of changes.  Paid version gives you on-demand backups, staging, and auto updates with backups.

Bloggers Helping Bloggers / Re: Favorite tools for writing
« on: March 27, 2017, 08:57:25 PM »
Sadly, the demo is only for Mac, as there's currently no way to be able to do trials in the iOS App Store. 

I'd recommend picking it up regardless but can understand not wanting to buy it blind.  I was lucky enough to get in a beta for the iOS version to see their new features, which let me essentially get a one month trial when that was happening.  Those don't come up that often sadly.

If you message me your App Store email address, I'd be happy to gift you a copy!

Bloggers Helping Bloggers / Re: Favorite tools for writing
« on: March 23, 2017, 04:52:38 PM »
One of my favorite pieces of it, I can one click export my article to my Wordpress Blog as soon as I'm ready to load it!
I love that.  I compose offline (because WordPress doesn't always save) and I'd love to do less editing in the WordPress formatting screen.
Oh it's awesome!  It does have a small learning curve in using markdown, but it's absolutely worth doing.

Also many more one-click export options such as EPUB...

They have a free demo on their site, gives you 10 hours of use, so you can really sink your teeth in and see if it works for you.  Only thing is its Mac/iOS only, don't know if you have a Mac or not.  If you do, go for it!

Bloggers Helping Bloggers / Re: Favorite tools for writing
« on: March 23, 2017, 12:30:11 PM »
Fantastic post Nords!  Personally, I'm a huge fan of Ulysses to do all my writing in.  Think of it as simplified Scrivener.  One of my favorite pieces of it, I can one click export my article to my Wordpress Blog as soon as I'm ready to load it!

Between the shared hosts, personally I'm a fan of SiteGround or FastComet, I find you get more bang for buck with these providers.  But for anyone starting out, I'd say your main thing is just do it.

Don't like your hosting? Change it later.

Don't like your theme? Change it later.

Don't like x? Change it later.

As an IT person by trade I fall into the rabbit hole of working on the background tech, but what matters more than anything is your content.

I'll start

Email Services:

If you want to do transactional emails, I love Mailgun.  If you use this link, you'll get 30k free emails a month vs 10k you normally get:

If you want more marketing emails, for free starting up I've heard great things about Mailchimp and MailerLite

Beyond the free tiers, when wanting to get more advanced in emails, I've heard great things from many bloggers about Convert Kit It's expensive but easiest to use out of all the automation platforms.

If you want Email Automation on the cheap and are very technically minded, you can try Mautic open source self hosted marketing automation platform.  I'm playing with it right now and While it has a BIG learning curve, it's easily the most powerful one out of the bunch.

If you want to use Mautic, I recommend taking this course on Udemy.

IMO It's worth the ~15-25 bucks to break down how to use Mautic quickly, it's also less than you'd pay for a month of ConvertKit.

I figured I'd get this started since I helped get this forum setup :-D.

In your time blogging, you likely have found tools, plugins, and resources that you love to utilize. What are some of yours?

General Discussion / Welcome to the Wealthy Accountant Forum
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:45:49 AM »
Welcome one and all!  Register an account!  Browse Around!  Contribute to a growing community!  But more than anything, enjoy yourselves!

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