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First, we are not a CPA firm.

We actually work CPAs on engineering based tax incentives.

The vast majority of CPA firms don't offer anything like this and that's why we work hand-in-hand with business owners or their CPA firm to help them procure these benefits for you.   

Visit our site now and answer a few questions to see the savings in seconds at

When the Stryde Retirement Program is used specifically for retirement purposes, there should be approximately 10 years allowed for the policy to grow. Therefore, the 'oldest' age that a policy would be feasible to fund with the intention of retirement income is around age 60.  (This enables the policy to grow for 10 years and loans can begin as tax free income from the policy at age 70.)

If the policy is being used to fund Estate Planning or general death benefit needs then the maximum age is approximately between 80 - 85. This approximation must take into consideration the health of the client, the network and which carrier we will use.

Note: The average commission on the SRP is $162,000

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