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FIRE / What is my FIRE number
« on: April 01, 2017, 02:13:34 PM »
I need some help figuring out my FIRE #.  I would like to use a 4% withdraw rate.  I am 57 and will not include my wife's income.  I would like to work until I am 60.  My wife is already retired and keeps her own expenses.(don't ask, its WAY cheaper than divorce )  I figure I will need $35000/year until I can claim MediCare then obviously it would decrease some.  I am including $$8,000/year in health insurance.  I can not find it cheaper and do not trust the ACA. I have zero debt and my house is paid off. I am a thrifty school teacher and will have 2 smaller pensions.
Pension #1  Retire at 62 get 8200/yr   retire at 65 get 9300/year
Pension #2 Retire at 62 get 16500/yr  retire at 65 get 20,500/year
SS retire at 67 15600

Side gigs.  I got a couple of side gigs..lets use 10,000/yr from 60 to 67
Thanks Guys

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