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Taxes / MFS to MFJ Due to Roth
« on: March 27, 2017, 02:34:55 PM »
After filing both mine and my husband's taxes, I happened to read an article that stated if you contributed to a Roth IRA [and were both working and making over $10K], you have basically no choice but to file MFJ. Before filing, I had ran both numbers [MFS v. MFJ], so I had an idea of what our MFJ outcome should be. However, as I've prepared the amended returns for both federal and the state of Ohio, the end result is not what I expected.  First of all, I wanted to ask how big of a deal it would be to leave our taxes as is. Is it reasonable to leave unamended and see if we end up getting audited? If we do get audited, could we just amend then or is there some kind of mandatory penalty that would apply? 

I am filing through CreditKarma, and I emailed them to confirm that I should just update my taxes and only enter MY original amounts for the 1040X. They confirmed that the IRS would just disregard my husband's when they receive the amendment. However, this then doesn't 'count' my husband's refund already received. Will the IRS pull his return before issuing a refund? Basically, I already received a federal refund of $616 and my husband received $794. When I change my filing status to Joint, the Amended return is calculating that an additional $794 is due to us. 

The state figures seem even more confusing, so I am guessing it may have pushed us into a different tax bracket or something. I'm going to go over those line by line and try to better understand the difference. 

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