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I was curious if anyone had any experience with accounting certificate programs or opinions on such programs. The program I am looking at specifically is the program at UCSD which can be done online, in class, or through a hybrid approach. Completing the certificate meets the accounting educational requirements for being a CPA in most states.

I do not have any definite plans to become a CPA. I am a physician so have pretty decent income. However, I believe in the renaissance ideal of a man having multiple competencies and certainly think that having accounting training would make me a better investor and more likely to succeed in any business endeavors I may pursue. I enjoy problem solving and working through complex issues. Accounting (especially tax accounting and forensic accounting) seems to offer these challenges. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that I would want to work in accounting in the future as I transitioned out of medical practice. While I plan to be financially independent in a few years, I still need to engage in activities that challenge my mind and provide benefit to people.

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