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How to Become a Wealthy Accountant / Re: CPA Pursuit
« on: August 30, 2018, 10:00:34 AM »
Thank you for the response.
Which firms would make sense to gain accounting experience while I'm completing my degree and preparing for the CPA license? The end goal is to operate my own firm specializing in taxation for real estate investors, accredited investors, and small business owners.
In other words, with the knowledge and experience you've gained in your career. How would you go about reaching my end goal?

How to Become a Wealthy Accountant / CPA Pursuit
« on: August 29, 2018, 08:57:43 PM »
Good morning/afternoon/evening!
I'm a 35 year old single man who resides in the D.C/MD.VA area (employed at a bank; will be transitioning in a commercial real estate underwriter position). I will be going back to college to complete an accounting degree (Bachelor's/Master's accelerated program). While attending college I plan to also prepare for the CPA license (AUD --> REG --> FAR --> BEC) so I can take the exams while everything is fresh. The purpose is to establish my own accounting firm serving small business owners, real estate investors, and accredited investors. While also allocating 50%-75% of my income to multifamily properties (20+ unit complexes) and index funds. I'm willing to do what's necessary but it's wise to inquire about an efficient way to earning the CPA license and gaining the necessary experience.

Thanks in advance!

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